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Hunters: Benefits of Mahogany Shafts

There are over 50 different species of mahogany. I've chosen 3-4 to work with:

Interlocked grain

Tough and strong

Light weight. 

Three types:

Gold Mahogany


Gold mahogany is great for hunting alda;df asd; particularly strong and light. adf;ka;  a;dfia dofino  asdodfina foi  asdfodsfi asodfi asodfaosdhif oasdfpoanjf oadf aofid aofi faopdijfaofi aofj aodf adfajsdfp adfio foijaf j

If you're shooting North American or practicing stump shooting, here are some examples of 


Gold Mahogany - 6 Shafts - Soft Hardwood Arrow Shafts - 11/32" Diameter - Spine 80-85# - 550-570 grains

Silver Mahogany


Red Mahogany