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Hardwood Review


Kevin...I got a dozen Red Balau shafts in 70# for my draw length from you...made em up and that's when it happened...my life changed forever. Wow!!!!!!!!!! My first shot hit dead center (I was aiming at a white spot on my target roughly the size of the arrow's diameter...hit it dead on and the arrow penetrated the target to the nock...AMAZING!!!! I was shooting footed cedars, albeit 23/64s, but even they only penetrated this target about eight inches...it had to be a weak spot, I thought, so I shot another arrow to prove it...it hit the target tight against the first and, as the first, sunk to the nock. I aimed the third arrow to the top left corner of the target to see if the middle was "shot out." Nope, as before, the arrow hit exactly where I aimed but this time, didn't penetrate to the nock...I found it fifteen yards beyond the target, resting deeply in the grass...COMPLETE PENETRATION. So, Kevin, while I'm out looking for another target (maybe Kevlar!), I'm also thinking about my next dozen shafts! 

Thanks for an absolutely superior product at a fair price...please don't change a thing about these shafts!

Your forever customer, 


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