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As of today, August 5th, 2020, I am temporarily closing my business to new orders due to relocating. We are moving our home/shop to a new location soon to better serve you. Thank you for your continued patronage!

There are a number of ways to look up products to fit your needs. You can use the drop-down menus to guide your search:


The following example uses the drop-down menu for "Spine". You can search using any of the other menus using the same process.


When you click on a selection from the drop-down menu, you will see a page that displays all of the products meeting your search. You can browse through them, and when you see one you want to learn more about, just click on the image.


On the product detail page, you can customize your order. There are drop-down boxes that will guide you to make your selection. Click on each drop down box to make your custom order.


When we have all of the information for your custom shaft order, the "Add to Cart" button will be displayed. Click it to add your selection to the cart.


You can edit the quantity, proceed to the checkout, or keep shopping. If you change the quantity, click "Update Cart" to save.


Please add a note to your order. We like to know the following:

  • What is your intended target?
  • What type of bow do you use?
  • Draw length / bow poundage at your draw length
  • Point / broad head weight
  • Distance to target

Add any other comments or pertinent information.

If you have more questions, contact us.