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Tips From the Old Timer / Traditional Bowhunter Magazine / Jun-Jul 2013 

"These are BY FAR the best arrow shafts I have ever seen/used in 30 years. By far! Contact Kevin Forrester - he makes a bunch of EXCELLENT wood shafts that cannot be bought anywhere else. Quality is tops!!!"

"While I admire the consistency and straightness of aluminum and carbon arrow shafts, I still love to shoot wooden arrows. Good wood shafts are hard to find and good wood shafts with the weight I want are even harder to come by. One of our readers contacted me a while back and enlightened me on different hardwoods that would fit my needs. Since then I have played around with these hardwoods and have been favorably impressed. He offers shafts made from hard rock maple, leopardwood, red balau, African cherry, and Brazilian cherry (jatoba). The leopardwood is very impressive. It is naturally dark in color, which I prefer and one can get 5/16 shafts that weigh around 650 grains in spines of 65-70 lbs. The jatoba is even heavier than the leopard wood. I really like the small diameter (5/16) shaft for penetration and he can produce them with an 11/32 taper."

Dennis Kamstra


"I think they might fly better than my carbons."

"I've been trying to fine wood shafts that will work for me for a while now and finally had success. For the last 4 or 5 years I haven't really built arrows (just put wraps and feathers on) and I've missed it. So for THESE I broke out the cresting equipment... The shafts are 11/32 90-95 lb spine hardwoods from Kevin Forrester at Forrester Wood Shafts. They weigh 860-875 grains finished with a 160 grain point and are 33" von-bop. I'm very impressed with the quality of these shafts. They fly perfectly straight bare shaft (I think they might fly better than my carbons). Now my quiver is full of wood arrows and my carbons are on the shelf, nothing wrong with carbons it just feels good to finally be able to shoot wood.

JT - Member of the Trad Gang


"I finally got around to shooting those arrows I sent you photos of and they shot like a dream! The arrow flight was perfect and they were very quiet out of the bow I was using. I really like the smaller diameter but still keeping the same weight. Thanks again for making a great product!"

Darren Haverstick


"Awesome!!! I gotta say those Red Balau with that footing are some tough, penetrating shafts. Wowwww!!! When I shoot side by side with the Fir, it's crazy how much more the Balau penetrate. And I'm not a "gotta have the heaviest shaft" kinda guy. I like a good balance which I think the Balau gives me. Now I'm not downing the Fir because the ones I have are some great flying shafts. Keep up the good work Kevin. I have a feeling when some of my buddies see those Balau fly, you are gonna be getting some more orders!!!"

Bill Hansen


"I would highly recommend that you give these shafts a try. On I was recently given a test kit of arrows to test in a variety of ways...(I'm a hard sell for woods and these are my first set that I'm happy with). When I received the set the first thing I did was put them on a spin tester and check. Only one out of the 8-9 I got was out of my acceptable range and that was due to a nock glue up after 50-100 shots..."

"I shot these next to my 160$/dz Easton axis arrows at 70 yards gap shooting and while the axis did outperform them at that horrid long distance, the difference didn't show up 'till around 50 yards. At 50 yards I put 4 arrows into a teacup sized hole pretty much every time about the same as my axis arrows.So I then went to my club and ran the 30 target 3D course 2 shots per target. I shot a 254 with the axis arrows and a 250 with the woodies...not bad I'd say considering the woodies where a test kit. I would highly recommend that you give these shafts a try, you'll be the only one on the block shooting a piece of art out of a piece of art."

Justin F. - Member of the Trad Gang


"Thanks for the great shafts. Having a 32" draw length I have a hard time finding wood shafts long enough but thanks to you I now am able to get premium wood shafts that are long enough. The shafts I received from you are awsome they were very close to straight right out of the package and very easy to straighten with a little heat. The spine you recommended for me was right on the money they bare shaft perfectly. Thank you for a great product and great customer service. Thanks to you I can now shoot proper arrows off my longbow."

Jordan VL


"What a beautiful array of woods. I loved the simplicity of just the wooden shaft and fletching. While some could add cresting and wraps and such, with these woods, less is more. The performance of the Woodies was excellent. They flew straight and true. Thank you for the opportunuty to test drive your arrows. For all those woodie arrow makers out there, these shafts are excellent and I highly recommend Kevin's products.



"It was good to finally talk to you my friend. I got the test shafts today when I got off work. As soon as I opened the tube, I pulled the 85# shaft and glued a nock and 160 grain field tip to it. Got her straight and grabbed the Silver Tip! BROTHA! I THINK I'M IN LOVE!!! Bare shafts to 20 yards they are showing just ever so stiff. BUT...I'm going to shoot a 190-225 grain broad head on these!!!! I think I found my BUFFALO ARROWS MY FRIEND!!! I'm so freaking excited right now bro. ......I sure hope you plan on selling these for a long time my friend. JUST AWESOME!!!"




"Kevin...I got a dozen Red Balau shafts in 70# for my draw length from you...made em up and that's when it life changed forever. Wow !!!!!!!!!!

My first shot hit dead center (I was aiming at a white spot on my target roughly the size of the arrows diameter). It hit it dead on and the arrow penetrated the target to the nock... AMAZING!!!!

I had been shooting footed cedars, albeit 23/64s, but even they only penetrated this target about 8 inches. It had been a weak spot, I thought, so I shot another arrow to prove it. That one hit the target tight against the first and as the first, sunk to the nock.

I aimed a third arrow to the top left corner of the target to see if the middle was "shot out". Nope, as before, the arrow hit exactly where I aimed but this time, didn't penetrate to the nock... I found it fifteen yards beyond the target, resting deeply in the grass... COMPLETE PENETRATION. So, Kevin, while I'm out looking for another target (maybe Kevlar!), I'm also thinking about my next dozen shafts!

Thanks for an absolutely superior product at a fair price. Please don't change a thing about these shafts!

Your Forever Customer,

Kent Hansen