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Featured Article - Traditional Bowhunter Magazine - April / May 2016

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Traditional Bowhunter Magazine recently invited Robert Lindberg to interview me after trying some of my arrow shafts. The April / May 2016 edition features the article: "A visit with... Kevin Forrester and Forrester Wood Shafts".

Traditional Bowhunter Magazine - May/June 2016

Here's a little of what Robert had to say:

"So I got my first dozen shafts, a mixture of mahogany, lacewood, jabota, hard rock maple, red balau, and leopardwood.
Not only were they beautiful (the lacewood in particular caught my eye), but they were incredibly straight. When I put them in my cresting machine, they spun extremely well and the fine lines of my cresting for once looked like they were supposed to. My bow quickly told me that it liked the lacewood and the mahogany best, so I ordered more and have been extremely pleased with them. The last two-dozen mahogany shafts that I ordered only had two that were less than perfectly straight, and those came around quickly with heat and a little corrective bending. Since I discovered Kevin and his shafts, I have probably built eight-dozen of them, often giving them as gifts to friends or as prizes for the clubs I belong to. I thought that it was time to make sure other traditional archers who love wood arrows got to know Kevin."




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